Cheap and Beautifull

Hi Dear Readers,

First test/review on this blog and from the very beginning big dilemma of which pen should be described as the first one?

Hmmm, maybe I should describe something from the upper shelve or maybe a limit, Montblanc or Graf von Faber-Castell? No, I am not sure, maybe something more exotic, a japan production? And what should I write?

Half a day passed and nothing. No clue. No idea. Nothing, Big nothing.

Suddenly, a phone call from a good friend asking-“Hi. What pen would you recommend, because I need something as a fast cheap gift. ”


And the answer is: Sheaffer Prelude!

Pen costing a little more than a bottle of Iroshizuku ink.

Can I recommend it?

Let’s find out.

Sheaffer Prelude models are produced since the late nineties of the twenty century.

To these nearly twenty years dozens of models were produced, starting from the classic to the modern ones, so almost everyone would find the pen which suit him best. Blue, black, red, gold with matte or glossy finish, golden or pallad cap on chrome or lacquered barrel, etc. And in addition some limited versions. Below you can find a few examples of different models (taken from Sheaffers advertisements).

Reklama Prelude 1
Sheaffers marketing materials
Reklama Prelude 2
Sheaffers marketing materials
Reklama Prelude 3
Sheaffers marketing materials
Reklama Prelude 4
Sheaffers marketing materials


The serie consists of the fountain pen, ballpoint, roller and pencil.

Available nibs are in one or two tones finish, from EF to B, there were also italics and stubs.


And now let’s tackle with the particular one of the Preludes – model 338.

At the beginning packaging makes a positive impression, sturdy metal box padded with plush alike material is pleasant in touching.

Sheaffer Prelude pudełko zamkniete
Sheaffer Prelude box

Inside the case there is a  classic pen with soft lines and in a beautiful, shiny, red color. The massive cap made from polished palladium with delicate vertical lines and with the words Sheaffer’s and the USA engraved on the ring at the bottom of a ring cap. A clip with elongated opening with the hallmark of Sheaffer famous white dot which is also on the captop. Presented model here may influence  arousing of nostalgic feelings associated with a traditional design (in the form of cigar) and in the selection of colors, in this case, ideally matching the stable, distinguished personality 😉 .

Sheaffer Prelude pudełko otwarte
Sheaffer Prelude closed in box
Sheaffer Prelude w pudełku w liściach otwarte
Sheaffer Prelude opened in box

The kit includes a pen, decent standard Sheaffers converter and two cartridges. Plastic section looks interesting shaped with two flattened surfaces covered with transverse lines in order to ensure easier and more stable grip.

Heavy, solid brass body covered with lacquer – this I like very much. Despite the passage of years pen still impresses with its looks. Pretty, open, two colors “F” nib. Size of the pen is similar to Waterman Hemisphere.

sheaffer prelude and Waterman hemisphere closed
Sheaffer Prelude and Waterman Hemisphere

This pen can be described as “autumnal unisex”, both for women and for men, maybe with the exception of those in hyper-super-mega-machos type.

Sheaffer Prelude w lisciach zamkniete
Sheaffer Prelude closed
Sheaffer Prelude w lisciach otwarte
Sheaffer Prelude opened


Prelude in the company of older brothers presents itself as respectable.

5 Sheafferów zamknietych.JPG
Few Sheaffer’s closed
5 Sheafferów otwartych
Few Sheaffer’s opened

How the pen will play with the Diamine Oxblood ink?

Diamia plus Sheaffer Prelude.JPG
Sheaffer Prelude and Diamine Oxblood ink

Great! It writes with a very nice fine line (it’s American fine rather than Japanese one). Comfortably lies in the hand, though at the beginning it could be a little strange feeling of the oddly flattened section, but it’s  only a matter of time. Pen starts without the slightest hesitation. Impeccable writing qualities. It can become competitive with other “working oxes” and writing doesn’t make you tired. Balance of the pen without cap at the end of barrel is fantastic, after putting the cap on the barrel, pen holds worse. Writing definitivly should be without cap. Pen does not dry, after a few days of being unused it starts right away.

Sheaffer Prelude writing sample

Although this ink is not  technically ideal after several years of writing, pen does not cause any problems. And the color for me is fabulous. It reminds me of the best B-class “gore” horrors from the seventies and is simply beautiful. I forgive it even creeping on the nib. It produces barable discomfort but I love it anyway.

To compare, let’s look at the newer Prelude in black.

Sheaffer Prelude black in box
Sheaffer Prelude black
Sheaffer Prelude red and black
Two Preludes closed


Two Preludes opened

First you see is lack of shinning. Also the box is standard and not so fancy as previous one. Nib is size “F” but in one tone. At the bottom part of cap, on the  ring there is 4 times repeated word Sheaffer.


closed length – 134 mm

open length -122 mm

weight tanked red one – 32. 4 g

weight cap red one – 11. 9 g

weight empty black pen – 31. 4 g

weight cap black pen – 11. 7 g

Prelude in the company of brothers from the actual shop shelves.

Sheaffer Prelude 100 300 Intense
From left: 100, Prelude, Prelude, Intensity, Intensity and 300

This pen is priced like in a “ongoing outlet sale”. Especially fine for people who do not want to overpay for a solid craftmanship and great performance.

I would definitely recommend it!!


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