What’s actually in use – week 49

Hi Dear Readers,

now I will show you what pens are actually in use. What I carry in  bag or backpack and of course what is lying on the desk.

Pen case week 49 a

Starting from the left:

  • mechanical pencil o,5 Lucky Star
  • mechanical pencil 0,5 A. G. Spalding and Bros. BRM804
  • fountain pen Sheaffer Prelude
  • fountain pen Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue
  • fountain pen Waterman Exception
  • ballpoint Pelikan Souveran K800
  • fountain pen Pelikan Souveran M800
  • fountain pen Montblanc 149
  • fountain pen Montblanc Chopin
  • fountain pen Visconti Opera Black Guilloche
  • fountain pen Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912
  • fountain pen Tropen Gold
  • fountain pen TWSBI Mini
  • fountain pen TWSBI Mini

In the picture below, order is of course reversed 😉

Pen case week 49 b

If there will be significant change in items, I will inform you in a new post.


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