Thin, thinner … Sailor Chalana

A long, long, long time ago,  however maybe not so long ago, but at least  a dozen or so years , while I was seeking for interesting, unusual, remarkable, encouraging, well sounding (it  regards also other hobby, yeah unless somebody will pull sounds of the sliding of the nib on the paper 😉 ) , I noticed  very interesting fountain pen. It suited itself, not rushing into my eyes, a long way from inquisitive looks, pressed somewhere between much bigger brothers and sisters.

Because  it looked nice, the size was unusual, and money from the salary payment was not spent yet, so without having another thought about it, I stepped  forward to the cash desk straight away.

Sadly today this shop  doesn’t exist anymore. The shop which rose in its place, also vanished. The same happened to the shop which was opened in place vacated by predecessors, and  also, the shop which took the aforementioned place disappeared too. As  you are already guessing, it doesn’t subsist any longer  and so on and so on …. . Really, no kidding.

Well, the invisible market hand, launched Sailors distributor  into the river flowing in not so big distance.

That is a whole story behind.

And now is time for the pen.

A lot of people  probably  associates  Sailors products with well known series 1911, which is very similar to Montblanc products (not without the cause), but this company has much wider,  diversified assortment ,for example wonderful Maki-e, big King of Pens or Professional Gear (really ,also here  you can find some inspiration ;)).

Resuming to the our fountain pen, craftsmanship is as, with all Japanese products, of the highest level, apparently  the producer puts big attention not only to the product itself but also into the packaging. But let photographs speak.

Sailor Chalana – cardboard boxes


Sailor Chalana – cardboard boxes

Why two?

An explanation you will find just further below.

Boxes  feel  soft and look very stylish.

Sailor opakowanie niebieskie
Sailor Chalana – boxes

Fountain pen is packed along with the cartridge and dedicated converter.

Sailor otwarte pudełko
Sailor Chalana fountain pen in the box

The Chalana is a slim size pen, maybe even ultra slim. To fill it up you can use converter or cartridges, but accounting the size of the pen, both are specially dedicated to this model. Unfortunately due to its size also the capacity of ink is low, but in combination with golden nib 18 K (marked as 1 what  seems referring to the story of the company going back  90 years) also in the very fine slim version  😉 allows for the decent use.

Sailor Chalana – fountain pen and ballpoint pen

After undressing.

Sailor Chalana – fountain pen undressed

I could not buy only a fountain pen, the ballpoint is probably even  far more extreme.

dwa wkłady
Sailor Chalana – ballpoint pen undressed

So this is why.  Incredible, two refills in such a slim body!

Very recognizable and long present  at the market of slim ballpoint pens,  following Cross model, and check how Chalana  compares with it  in the following photograph. Chalana is slimmer.

Very elegant appearance.

Compared with Sheaffer’s Fashion and Montblanc 149.

And slim Montblancs.

Sailor Noblesse
4 X Montblanc and Sailor – fountain pens
Sailor Noblesse otwrte
Montblanc and Sailor

The pen looks sensational, the excellent quality of the workmanship, engravings  on the ring (Sailor and Japan) which can be found at the bottom of the cap and on the nib (Sailor 18k 1), in spite of the tiny size, very much legible.

Very handy pen and additionally you are getting additional space in your pen case because, instead of one instrument you can pack two of them.


Length closed  – 127 mm

Length open – 110 mm

Weight with cartridge -11,8  g

How it writes … fine, extra fine.

Sailor pismo
Sailor Chalana writing sampla

To tell  the truth, it is a little tricky to use Chalana on everyday basis, since:

  1. while falling on the floor, it can find some cracks in it, where it will fit perfectly, so only  the major renovation will give it back
  2. can by chance and by some ignorant, be taken as a tothpick
  3. in the women’s bag, perhaps it will stay undiscovered forever
  4. in case of carrying in the pocket, the probability of washing with the laundry is rising dramatically
  5. it is possible to expose yourself to strange comments while writing, because from the certain distance Chalana won’t be visible
Sailor otwarten pudełka
Sailor Chalana – ballpoint and fountain pen

But still, I like it 🙂 and I recommend it!


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