Giuseppe Fichera – Montegrappa

Hi Dear Readers,

To have only pens is not enough for real fountain pen geek. Of course you need inks and papers, but this is not enough also. What are you lacking? Pen cases, yes. What else? Converters, cartridges. Still something is missing.

What are you missing? BOOKS!

Yes, books from which you could learn more about your hobby, about different fountain pens, different brands, history etc.

So, today I will present book about history of one of the most recognizable european producer of fountain pens (and not limited only to them) – Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Montegrappa!

Montegrappa okładki przód
Giuseppe Fichera Montegrappa front cover
Montegrappa okładki tył
Giuseppe Fichera Montegrappa back cover

This book was written by Giuseppe Fichera, a fountain pens afficionado, whose  knowledge about pens could be unimaginable for most of us, daily users of Watermans, Pelikans or Sheaffers.

So what is the book about? Montegrappa 🙂

The book originally was launched and sold with Montegrappa History Limited Edition pen as a set in 1999. The book is dived into two parts: history and presentation of selected limited editions of pens.

Montegrappa spis treści
Giuseppe Fichera Montegrappa contents

In the first part. author guides the reader through the interesting story of the Company starting from 1912 then I WW, the golden years of fountain pens (between two world wars) II WW up to nineties. After reading you get familiar with Bassano, Elmo, Army of Grappa, ownership changes etc. additionaly you receive quick overwiev of historic changes in the region. There are plenty of historical photographs of people and places connected with the brand. All this is accompanied by pictures of pens from corresponding time. Because the author very easily operates with words the whole of this section you read as a intriquing novel.

In second part there are plenty of beautiful pictures of selected LE pens with some facts about them. Pens which you could admire are for example: Dragon, Aphrodite, Cigar, Tribute To Ayrton Senna.

Why do I have two editions? Because first is … The First and second, which I own, is from 2005 and it is a third edition which is a bit more extended with  different pictures to compare with the first edition and a few additional pens descriptions like Mille Miglia, Cosmos’ Enigma, Vatican 2000 Papal Pen, 88th Anniversary to mention only a few of them.

What I think about this book, it is a “must have” position especially for Italian brand fans. Due to great pictures it could be treated as a small album. You should look for your copy if you do not own one so far.

If you are interested in books like this one, follow the blog, because more is just round the corner 🙂


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