Fountain Pen Day 2015 in Warsaw


just a small trip into close past, back to beginning of November 2015.

It was the second time as Fountain Pen Day (to learn more about Fountain Pen Day you can check here) was celebrated in Warsaw. In the event, fountain pens fans took part from all over Poland, geographically starting from the sea edge at the north part, throughout the Mazovian plains up to mountains in the south. It was the time to met with unseen for some time friends and to make new contacts. Of course you could buy pens, inks, notebooks, pen cases at special prices. Personal stands had distributors and pen shops. How the celebration looked in Warsaw you can see on a few following photographs.

Lamy showed whole range of inks, pens with beautiful Dialog 3 but there was a chance to see and feel very hot new premium product – Lamy Imporium. Just look at the photograph. Isn’t it amazing?

Lamy Imporium
Lamy Imporium

Also Sheaffer has presented some of their popular models, you can see them below.

Sheaffer Ferrari
Sheaffer Taranis

There was plenty of pens to look at. Below are photos of some examples what was offered and presented.

Broad range of affordable Kaweco.


Some Pelikans were shown but the Maki-e was a real headturner.

Pelikan Maki-e
Beautiful Pelikan Maki-e

Faber-Castell, Visconti, Montegrappa, J. Herbin, Caran d’Ache and  more.

There was also a Pen Doctor stand who dealt with minor problems on the spot, more complicated issues were agreed to solve them back home.


There were also presented ‘handmade inks’ by the producer and of course plenty of pens from private owners, vintage and actual models. Also worth looking at.

I would like to thank the organisers for preparing this event and also for sharing presented photographs.

Now we can only wait and observe countdown (I would like to recall where you can find the clock: adress to the next Fountain Pen Day in November 2016.



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