Marx and Stalin meet the pencil

Dear Readers,

Very common add-on to fountain pens in the pen cases are pencils. They are used not only for drawing but also for making notes, unstress biting or picking nose.

One of the features which differs pencils from fountain pens is that all you put on paper with a lead you can easily erase in seconds if you want to.

Of course, you can burn down the whole page covered with ink or whole notebook and it will be erased forever and undeleted, but it is more demanding and something can happen.

All you need now is stand up from your cosy chair and go to your favourite stationery shop to buy an eraser. Probably you can choose in plenty of colours and shapes but most of them are ordinary or boring even ordinary and boring.

Today I have something special for you to look for.

My first association when I saw these erasers was flashback. 1977 and famous, still intriguing David Lynch’c debut – Eraserhead. Ok, haircut is somehow different but so what, it will suit anyway.

Let’s come back to the earasers. V has put into market fantastic line of “Dictator Eraser” which contain three figures of Marx, Lenin and Stalin. I do not go into historical or theoretical study of the personal cases, I will go with the design only and, in this case, we can skip functionality.

Dictator Erasers and Montblanc Leonardo Sketch Pen

In my opinion the idea of putting three (well known) heads as an everyday use item is a kind of development of Che Guevara face on fashion T-shirts concept from past years.

The overal quality of the product is very good, look at the details of faces,

At this moment I can present only two of them to give you a good (nevertheless it is two third of the whole bunch) overview.

Here is a message which the producer has put on the box:

Dictator word from producers
Dictaor Eraser Box

This is a real eye catcher to accompany your stuff. Unfortunatelly there are only three characters, I do not know wether Design Ideas will expand this range, but I hope they will. There are plenty of potential figures to be put into this series.

If you have a few euro to spend, for this moment it is a great opportunity, you will not regret it. Simply, I recommend it.




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