Let’s spend the night with the Opera


I am admiring the Italian design for many, many years. I do not know what is a reason for it, is it a climate, sunrays, pasta … really I am very curious.

Just look at the cars.

Look at the jewellery.

Look at the … and so on and so on.

And the same is with pens. Today I will take you to the Opera. Not for Puccini, Scarlatti, Verdi, Wagner nor Orff. Let’s go for younger composer called Visconti.

Visconti Opera plus cds
Visconti Opera Black Guilloche

The Visconti Opera Black Guilloche.

It is a one of wide range pens from Visconti’s “Squaring the Circle” collection. Such idea was picked up by ancient geometers to construct a square with the axact, the same area as a given circle.

You can find some inspirations also in the famous Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.

Vitruvian Man

By the way, this “Squaring the Circle design” was patented in 2004.

Now, put away all mathematical, philosophical, art or marketing divagations and grab the pen. I grabbed mine many years ago (so I am not showing you the package, because simply I don’t know where it is, maybe it is already recycled ;)).

Peculiar shape, isn’t it? Not a standard round cap and barrel. It has 8 sides, 4 broader and 4 very narrow. Broader ones have elegant, delicate pattern on it (on the barrel and cap).

What are you getting in addition? Certainty that, the pen will not roll off to the floor.

Nice design? At least interesting.

Visconti Opera Black Guilloche

The pen has symmetrically placed metal parts. From one side of the metal section to the end of the barrel. On the captop you have a metal Visconti logo which can be exchanged by the use of My Pen System (more about My Pen System you can find in this post) and at the bottom it has broad metal ring with engraved OPERA name on it. The clip,is attached very springly with Visconti name engraved on both sides.

Visconti Opera z boku
Visconti Opera Black Guilloche

Very comfortable to use, no sharp edges on acryloid or metal parts also.

Nib. No, this is The Nib. huge, bicoloured, beautifully engraved 14K gold. I love it. It writes wet and very, very smooth with a nice line variation. You will regret to have only one.

These nibs are so  ideally wet and have excellent smoothness, so I cannot resist but I buy another one with F nib.

It is a really great pen for daily use. Big but not oversized. I prefer to use this pen unposted.

It is comparable to Pelikan Souveran M800.

Opera pen can be filled by cartridges or by beautifull, screw in converter.

Visconti Opera Black Guilloche


Length closed  – 140 mm (depends on mounted coin on the captop)

Length open – 130 mm

Weight with inked converter -37,1  g

Visconti Opera open
Visconti Opera Black Guilloche

I like Italian design but the quality issue of their production is something different. In this case problem is within one pen which cap does not match with a barrel, there is a small misalignment, the lines and shapes on the barrel and cap don’t match the lines when closed. It wasn’t noticed by me when I bought it but some time later. It has no influence on performance but, once you notice it, it spoils your day badly :(.

Despite the problem  mentioned above  I am using both Operas very frequently for years, you can see some delicate wear off signs. And let me tell you, these years are real recommendation!

Visconti Opera in pen case

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