David Harris – The Art of Calligraphy

Dear readers,

Calligraphy in today’s world is not a completely forgotten skill. Moreover, many people (no matter what age) are trying to write not only using computer keyboard, but also (sometimes sterted with special occasions) with more traditional instruments like pens, brushes or even pencils. Today I want to present a book which may help to start improving your handwriting.

“The Art of Calligraphy” by David Harris.

This book probably suits best for beginners, but advanced calligraphers can also look at it.

The art of calligraphy okładka
David Harris the Art of Calligraphy

What you can learn from Mr Harris. On practicaly 130 pages of this comprehensive guide, author begins with a short introduction to western script with very nice graph ,showing the timeline.

But most important, in my oppinion, are practical tips for calligraphy equipment and detailed presentation with an easy explanation, how  beautifully write every letter, of presented 26 scripts, step by step.

This scripts are:

  • rustic capitals
  • square capitals
  • uncial and artificial uncial
  • insular majuscule
  • insular minuscule
  • caroline minuscule
  • foundational hand
  • early gothic
  • textura quadrata
  • textura prescisus
  • gothic capitals and versals
  • lombardic capitals
  • bastard secretary
  • batarde
  • fraktur and schwabacher
  • bastard capitals
  • cadels
  • rotunda
  • rotunda capitals
  • hmanist minuscule
  • italic
  • humabist and italic capitals
  • italic swash capitals
  • copperplate
  • copperplate capitals
  • imperial capitals

Also book is filled with the reproductions of pages from old manuscripts which can be an inspiration for mastering your own skills.

The art of calligraphy starodruk 2
Page from a manuscript written in about 1409
The art of calligraphy starodruk
Pages from the Vespasian Psalter

This book could be a nice addition to Dan Marsch’s Calligraphy, which review you can find here.

If you are not sure about “The art of Calligraphy” or I have not fullfiled your expectations in this review or you need to look at the book by yourself, I have a proposal for you: you can “try before you buy” and read this book here. In this case you can definitely make your own judgement.




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