Yorkies in the winter

Dear animal lovers,

Winter is a shitty season. Cold, wet or snowy, generally awfull time. Ok, ok skiers are not normal people, so their oppinion does not matter 😉 Dogs also do not like it, maybe except for Siberian Husky. So generally if you want to go for a walk with your dog in December you have to put clothes not only on your shoulders but on dogs also.

As I promised few weeks ago (Winter is coming … for dogs also), today I will present dogs in winter outfits.

First set of photographs are of two sweaters red and gray with furry hoods which are possible to put on the dog’s head but not liked very much by them. They are not warm enough for very cold days.

The second set are winter jackets with zipper on the back to make it easier and quicker for the owner to put them on and take off. It is much warmer than the sweater because of the interior filling made of polar which keeps them truly warm and dry. They much more prefer the coats. Additionally on the sides of the coats are sewn two small pockets made of special material which is visible in the reflection of car lights at night. Safety for the dogies!


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