Adrian Waddington -The Creative Calligraphy Sourcebook

Dear Readers,

As I can see you are really interested in calligraphy books, so I will present you a third book (after Don Marsh – Calligraphy and David Harris – The Art of Calligraphy, which short reviews you can read here Don Marsh and here David Harris) mostly for beginners, but as usual advanced calligraphers may also find here some practical information.

Today I will shortly review “The Creative Calligraphy Sourcebook” by Adrian Waddington. The book is not very big volume, a little bit over 140 pages. On these pages with plenty of photos readers can  get information about materials which are necessary to start calligraphy. Author presents brushes, nibs, papers and other equipment which can be helpfull for writing. Also there are some hints like: how to use two pencils, how to strech paper, notes for left-handers, word and letter spacing and many, many more. Everything is described with easy and understandable language also supplemented by many photographs.

As for me, very important for beautiful hand writing are hints for putting letters on a paper. Author gives information not only about strokes but also about height of letters and pen angle.

The Creative Art of Calligraphy font roman
The Creative Calligraphy Sourcebook

Following scripts are presented in the book:

  • roman
  • uncials
  • caroline manuscript
  • versals
  • black letter
  • gothic cursive
  • rotunda
  • italics
  • contemporary letters
  • numerals

Each script has short explanation about its origin and development, also some information about potential usage on book covers, labels and so on.

What differs this book from others is a presentation of some decorative contemporary letters.

This manual can be an inspiration for your own projects like cd’s covers, cards and for more advanced users for their individual projects of letters.

Is it worth buying? In my oppinion yes, but due to fact that this book was published in 1996 probably you will not be able to find it in your favourite bookstore. But the good news is that you can find it among used ones for the price perhaphs less than cost of your favourite cup of coffee.




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