PP – Pininfarina Pencil

Wroooooom Wroooommm Dear Readers,


Today I was wondering, if anyone remembers such beauty as Ferrari 250 GT SWB or Ferrari Dino. If not, what about Jaguar XJ-S? Still nothing? I am surprised. Maybe Ferrari Testarossa? Come on. Let’s move to late nineties and Ford Focus or Peugeot 406 Coupe. Yes, I knew it 🙂 If you are a sports car fan for sure you can recognise Honda NSX (and unforgetable Ayrton Senna). But definitivelly you should know, from recent years, Ferrari Enzo or Ferrari 458 Italia. Beauty, beauty, beauty. All these cars have one common issue and it is the legendary desing house – Pininfarina. Applause!

Pininfarina cars in different books

But what Pininfarina has in common with writing instruments?

For example, Visconti has made a very interesting fountain pen designed by … Pininfarina.

But today I will show you something different.

Ladies and Gentelmen please give a warm welcome to …

What it is? Is it  the … inkless pen that won’t ever need inking? Or maybe eons lasting the pencil? Where is the lead? There is no lead and it still writes!

It works due to so called the Ethergraf tip which is patented metallic alloy that makes, due to oxidation process,  a permanent marks on paper. To explain “oxidation” in the  easiest way, it is a loss of electrons. It could be very positive (as in this product) or could be destructive as for example a bloody red rust on the car.

This beautiful piece of art was desined by Pininfarina team which was led by design manager Paolo Trevisan. Inspiration was a concept car called Cambiano.

Look at the details. Aren’t they elegant with a delicate mixture of classic and contemporary trends? This walnut case can be used as a presentation base.

Elegant and beautifull, isn’t it? And that feel of used materials, natural wood (walnut) and pure technical aluminium in this case galvanic treatment Lucid Black.


lenght 160 mm

weight 38 g

case length 194 mm x width 50 mm x height 28 mm

case weight 159 g

I can look at it on and on, forever, even though that I have this one almost as it hit the market, it never bores me.

Nice sculpture on the desk?

Napkin Pininfarina

And quess what stands behind Pininfarina on following photo.

Napkin Pininfarina

The truth will be revealed soon 😉

The answer you can find here.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Marcin says:

    Can’t argue the design. Simply work of art as the Pininfarina cars were, too. Nowadays I can see that pen industry trending more towards japanese culture design, leaving classic lines behind and opting for “pure, minimalistic form”. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m waiting for a fountain pen from Napkin and good, old school of desing.


  2. notonlypens says:

    Are there any rumors about Napkin fountain pen? If so, write more about it, please.


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