Set in black – Sheaffer Gift 300

Dear Readers,

Sometimes fountain pen is not enough, there are situations when you need to use pencil or ballpoint (especially for marking text in books when, drawing or filling documents in copies – of course there are special nibs for copies, but they are not available in your favourite stationary just round the corner). This three make a complex approach to writing/drawing instruments in your pocket.

Hmmm, did I mention watch? Nope? Don’t forget the watch is included in such a set.

Sheaffer Gift 300 plus watch

Let’s start with simple, modern elegance and one additional requirement – not expensive.  Voila – Sheaffer Gift 300. Glossy black with chrom trims, does it suits you? Black is nice, elegant and popular throughout the ages, so why not use it today.

Sheaffer 300 2
Sheaffer Gift 300

The offer in Gift 300 collection has been changing with passing years, so with a little luck you can find color option according to your visual preferences. Few models you can see at the attached photograph taken from Sheaffer’s marketing materials.

Sheaffers marketing materials plus Sheaffer Gift 300
Sheaffer Gift 300 pencils in different colors

Each item (fountain pen, ballpoint and pencil – in the range there is also a roller) is made of metal (except plastic section in fountain pen), so you can feel the difference in comparison to pens made of plastic. The difference is in touch, in weight, even in temperature. Amazing 🙂

What I like the most in this design is – the clip. Really nice design. of course white dot on top of the clip, nice split in the middle (you can find such split in the Prelude clip also, here you can read about Prelude) and cutout throug the captop for moving the clip, just beautiful and what is important it operates nicely.

Cap has two rings (in this model) in chrom, one slim near the top and one broad at the bottom with the Sheaffer name on it. The cap is closing with a nice click. The same “caps” are in ballpoint and pencil.

Barrel of the fountain pen has also two chrom rings on both sides. One at the end is specially designed to keep the cap posted (with a delicate click).

Simple, steel nib (similar you can find in prelude series) with Sheaffers name and some small ornaments. Performance of the nib is nice, it writes smoothly, without scratching or skipping. Nothing to complain (maybe except that for me is a little to small for such a body, but it does not make any harm to overall performance). It can be used as a everyday workhorse.

Sheaffer Gift 300 fountain pen and Sheaffer Skrip on Leuchtturm 1917

The pen is well balanced but not posted! You can write posted (barrel is designed for this) but I cannot recommend this due to heavy cap and distribution of weight.

What about ballpoint and pencil? They perform the same as fountain pen, all mechanisms are working smoothly and surely. From this set the ballpoint was used most frequently, really it was daily used with Moleskine notebooks and calendars for a very long period.

Sheaffer Gift 300 ballpoint

Finally watch, in this case nothing fancy. This one was issued for celebrating 100 years anniversary, you can see the sign on the watch and was sold in sets with pens and pencils. The watch has a quartz movement (I have not opened the case, so I do not known the producer). Roman digits; simple metal hands without luma; Sheaffer name and logo and that’s it.

Sheaffer quartz watch

It is simple watch for Sheaffer’s afficionados and for them it is a must have :). What I recommend is change of strap, existing one is a “dictionary” example of cost cutting actions connected with marketing gadgets, besides this could be an everyday watch.

And another good news is that all of this you can find for below 200 USD.

Dimensions of fountain pen:

Length closed  –  141,5 mm

Length open –  121,1 mm

Length capped –  155,0 mm

Weight without cap –  21,4 g

Weight of the cap – 23,7 g

Weight with the cap –  45,1 g

Dimensions of ballpoint:

Length ready to write – 141 mm

Weight – 49,4 g

Dimensions of pencil:

Length ready to draw – 142 mm

Weight – 49,4 g


Weight: 29,7 g

Case width without crown – 36,4 mm

Band width – 18 mm

Oh, what is next to Sheaffers set? You can find this in next episode of pens and watches in my blog 🙂

Sheaffers and Montblancs

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marcin says:

    To me Sheaffer Gift 300 seems like a second step pen from introductory level. Quite heavy, nicely finished and priced reasonably. Good choice for everyday use. It’s a pity it uses Sheaffer cartridges instead of international standard ones. Thank you for the review.


  2. notonlypens says:

    You are welcome 🙂 and use a converter (unfortunatelly only Sheaffer’s one ;))


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