Napkin 4.EVER Prima

Hi All,

Do you remember Pininfarina post and the photo riddle?

Napkin Pininfarina and …

If not, you can check Pininfarina Pencil :).

So, today it is time to solve it.

Napkin Pininfarina and …

Does it help? Still mystery, maybe this one could.

Napkin Pininfarina and …

Spring is knocking at the door at last. Mechanical plants  to fight zombies hordes at your garden?

Need more photos?

3 Napkin 3
Napkin Pininfarina and …

And finally without Pininfarina. Are these cyberplants in flowerpots grabbed from cyberpunk futuristic city?

What is it?

How many of you remeber classic way of killing a vampire? Everyone 🙂 I hope. Ok, it was a wodden stake with a sharp edge to go deep into creature’s flesh and pierce the heart – so far almost the best assured tool to anihilate the one. Also keep in mind the silver which could be also a big help in killing process.

Modern times need modern materials and modern designs. So what we have here, Ethergraf tip (same material as in Pininfarina pencil) and anodized aluminium. Not to mention hand made.

Here are only 3 colors from the top alluminio – alluminium, nero – black and rosso – red.  Did I mention that I am a big fan of italian design? And hear the sound of such words as rosso or nero, what do you need more? Other color options? You can choose also from two tones of blue, grey and yellow.

I forgot to give a name. Napkin Prima! Designed by Sergio Mori.

3 Napkin 5
Napkin Prima

There is  also a specially engraved line called Prima Pretiosa available also in seven colors. As a Top of the Pops there is a  Prima Gold Edition (of course gold plated not solid gold) limited to 300 pieces.

Really, I love these pieces of writing instruments! And pieces of art, too!

Napkin Prima 

Prima line is slightly longer and lighter than Pininfarina.

Napkin: Pinifarina and 3 X Prima


Dimensions of rosso Prima:

lenght 180 mm

weight 19,2 g

case length 190 mm x diameter 45,3 mm

case weight 48,5 g


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