Spring yorkies haircut

Hi Yorkie Lovers,

Winter sucks, this is a holy truth. Everybody is frighten to death by “Winter is coming”, but after the winter, spring has to arrive. And the spring has come, at last!

spring bike and nature reserve

There was nothing recently on the blog about yorkies, so the spring is also a good reason for updating the subject.

The yorkies, after spending most of winter time in warm and cosy conditions in beds, watching their favourites movies and playing with toys, also want to be more friendly and to be in close contact with all that greens and animals which went out from their winter’s hideouts.

Winter coiffure is a little bit too hot for this season, which they show with their tongues. And they are also fond of bicycle rides.


Where are my sunglasses, dude? Huh!

Terrier haircut 13

Do you like Chinese Crested? I do, so maybe look for some inspiration?

What does the new spring haircut reveal? It appers that under that fur there is a chihuahua, not a terrier. Less than a half of a dog remains after the treatment.But firstly due to not so high temperatures dogs need some additional clothes.

But when temperatures went higher … dogs went speedy.

Terrier haircut 7

And naked 🙂

Yorkshire terrier
Yorkshire terrier


Some additional photos taken after busy afternoon spent on the bosom of nature. Waiting for Some Great Reward. Well deserved. Kindly asked. Fast eaten. Welcome to the York’s World!

But according to one of conspiracy theories, all those dogs hairdressers’ issues were caused by cats’ alliance or Frank Underwood.

Because Information is everything, so keep checking the blog for another spring themes connected mainly with writing instruments, but not limited to (as it was so far). To give you a little appetizer, look at this photo.

Faber Castell in metal

And one question for a weekend, what have these two items from picture below in common?

Canon and glass

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