When La Dolce Vita met Dolcevita


Hi Readers,

Because most of us, who are reading this post, do not remember middle of XXth century, I have a proposal, let’s play a game. Go back to the past. Can you imagine world without impact of Vietnam and Afghanistan wars? Can you imagine terms of “global warming” and “greenhouse effect” not present in newspapers, magazines or TV? Terrorism? Hacking? AIDS? Implants in breasts, bottoms and who knows what else. Oil crisis? No cameras on the streets, less surveillance. Fewer bans and prohibitions. Big Brother still a baby brother. WW II fading in memories.

Yes, I know. It is difficult, but such time did really exist. From today’s perspective such ancient world was lacking colors, only black and white and sometimes soundless, not to mention no Facebook or even simple email – unbelieveble.

So it is time for next step. I propose you a seven day trip. For a guide you will get one of my favoured directors Mr Federico Fellini and Marcello Rubini (played by Marcello Mastroiani) a cynical tabloid journalist. A trip to sixties in Rome.

February the 5th 1960 (the date film was launched).

Imagine, for the last time today, dark, small cinema far, far away in the suburbs. Smoke from cigaretts (yes, at that times they have not been banned, really) spin around.  Lights slowly dying out …

Stop. Be practical, you do not need to use imagination, but only to push a “Play” button on your pilot in order to see Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroiani playing around in one of Rome’s symbols, the Trevi fountain. This is probably the most recognisable scene in the whole movie. By the way, Marcello when playing that scene was drunk, it was cold winter evening.

Film is ready to go …

Adventure in searching for happiness and love is ready to start.

Through series of episodes you will be guided through, to mention only a few,  flying helicopters, exclusive nightclubs, prostitute bedroom, hospital, airport, press conference, baths of Caracalla, churchs, gathering for a fake miracle, Via Vanetto, castle, party and finally leading to the beach scene.


Decadence. Life. Comedy. Drama. All in one beautiful movie masterpiece.

“You are the first woman on the first day of creation. You are mother, sister, lover, friend, angel, devil, earth, home.”

This movie was portraying miserable society in it’s environment.

Whole movie is packed with details which you can discover detail by detail every time you see it.

Unfortunatelly the film was condemned by the Vatican and was a subject to censorship, last bans ended in the beginning of the eighties (over twenty years after premiere).

This film had a big influence on today’s world. For example term “paparazzi’ was created after one of chcaracters played by Walter Santesso (Enio Flaiano has different oppinion on this, but who cares ;)). You can find reminiscences in todays movies, songs and literature.

After lights are on again.

Sweet life? Maybe yes, maybe not? What do you think?

By the way, changes in. Any comments?

Anita Ekberg Sweden – 60’s

la dolce vita poster

Monica Bellucci Italy – end of the old century and beginning of the new


Courtney Stodden USA – nowadays

Sham Ibrahim's art exhibition opening at World of Wonder Storefront Art Gallery - Arrivals
Courtney Stodden Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com


But where is the pen? Why this intro was so long? Because, Dear Readers, there is one and only obvious connotation with this movie – let me introduce Dolcevita proudly made by Delta 🙂

Delta is rather young manufacturer of writing instruments. It was established in 1982.

Dolcevita is a vast collection. Pens, desk pens, rollers, ballpoints, pencils.  Many sizes,  additional styles: oro, soiree, different filling mechanisms and different kinds of nibs (14K, 18K and fusion one) not to mention sizes. And more! Thanks to so many variances it is a paradise for collectors.

I like Delta pens for their design. You can love it or leave it, it depends on your personal taste of style. But you cannot be emotionless. Especially with Dolcevita.

So, let’s look at this beauty. Classic shape with classy details. You can call it distinctive design with a bit of decadence as a cherry on the top. Wow!

What impressed me most, is a color. Combination of amazing orange pearl and classic black stated that you keep something special in your hands. Orange barrel and black cap are handmade from resin solid bars.

The design is superb. Tou can feel this Mediterannean puff which is blowing just straight into your face. Puff is not a right word, it is rather atomic bomb explosion. This could not be designed anywhere else than in Italy. Design is light years ahead of, for example, boring green stripes on Pelikan.


I love orange and Traveler’s Notebook.

Look at this textures. Each barrel with different pattern.

Wide ring on the bottom of the cap is made from sterling silver with an motif of olive leaf copied from old paintings from Pompei.

Beautiful details. Look at the clip. Do you see a small wheel for better sliding? Of course you do, small and practical.

First nib – 18K gold nib M size, second is a fusion nib, steel nib with a gold plate 18K attached over F size.

Is fusion nib better than gold one? I can not really tell. It depends. For me the biggest difference (except for the look) is flex. In this issue the fusion nib is significantly behind he gold one.

At the captop of fatter one you can see Delta logo made in silver. Also each pen is engraved with unique number at the back of the cap

Easy to use, nicely balanced. Both can be used posted or uncapped, it depends only on your individual preferences, weight of the cap does not matter.

Both pens have a cartridge/converter filling mechanism.

Dolcevita 37
Delta Dolcevita and Iroshizuku yama-budo

Which one do I prefer? The one with gold nib. For it’s writing features, better handling  and the last the most important 😉 THE LOOK! Georgeous!

Delta Dolcevita and Traveler’s Notebook


You can not have only one model, after your first purchase there  will be next and next and … . Possibilities are almost unlimited.


Delta with a gold nib

Length closed  – 136,9 mm

Length open – 123,4 mm

Weight with inked converter -29,3  g

Delta with a fusion nib

Length closed  – 142,7 mm

Length open – 124,4 mm

Weight with inked converter -23,8  g


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  1. Marcin says:

    Thank you for the great review. I’ve been looking at Deltas for quite some time and the Oversize appeals most to me, though the price puts it aside for a moment.


  2. notonlypens says:

    Thank you but you are too kind, Sir 🙂 Maybe I will be able to help you with oversize version.


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