What’s actually in use – week 21

“… On a crowded beach washed by the sun
He puts his headphones on
His modern world revolves around
The synthesizer’s song

Full of future thoughts and thrills
His senses slip away
He’s a European legacy
A culture for today …”

Hi my dear analog lovers,

Sun. spring, songs and founatin pens.

I am sorry for not updating the subject for a few weeks, but finally here we are. You can see below pens from different parts of the world, but with supremacy of european producers.


Because beautiful spring is outside the window, so adequate changes have to be done within pen pouches. Changes, like recently, are not dramatic, so you can see my favourites. But please remember, all pens which I put in every day use, are good daily writers and within this group almost everyone could find a pen which fulfils one’s writing needs. There are pens from different price ranges, sizes, materials, finishes etc.

So now is a time to look at them. These are writing instruments actually in use.

what is in use week 20 a
There are following brands:Montblanc, Waterman, Spalding, Wiland, Delta, Edison, Pelikan, Platinum and TWSBI

Starting, as always,  from the left:

  • fountain pen Montblanc Chopin 75 Anniversary
  • fountain pen Montblanc 149
  • fountain pen Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912
  • fountain pen Waterman Exception
  • fountain pen Waterman Exception Solid sterling Silver
  • mechanical pencil 0,5 A. G. Spalding and Bros. BRM804
  • fountain pen Wiland Aleksandra
  • fountain pen Delta Dolcevita
  • fountain pen Delta Dolcevita
  • fountain pen Edison Mina
  • fountain pen Pelikan Souveran M800
  • ballpoint Pelikan Souveran K800
  • fountain pen Platinum 3776 chartres blue
  • fountain pen TWSBI Mini
  • fountain pen TWSBI Mini
what is in use week 20 b
There are following brands: Montblanc, Waterman, Spalding, Wiland, Delta, Edison, Pelikan, Platinum and TWSBI

If you are interested in changes, you can check following posts: what was in use at the beginning of 2016, you will find here and what was in use at the end of last year  you will find here.

Because I had a few questions about how do I carry it, so here is the answer.

what is in use week 20 pen cases
Montblanc and Visconti
what is in use week 20
Montblanc and Visconti

And once again, if there will be significant change in items, I will inform you in a new post.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. iamamro says:


    What’s the difference between a Montblanc Chopin 75 Anniversary, and a 149? I was under the impression that all special editions were basically 149s.

    Sorry for my ignorance.



    1. notonlypens says:

      Hi Amro, sorry for late answer, but I was rather focused on my IG account than on my blog. main differencies between Chopin Anniversary and 149 regular (as I assume) – of course size, filling mechanism, nib, captop. Special editions were not only 149s, but this could be a long story 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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