Entry to fantastic world of Montegrappa

Dear Readers,

I am very sorry for such a long break on my blog, I will try to compensate this with my articles about some extraordinary items. I hope that within next few months everyone will find something interesting for him or herself, so stay tuned and …






Warm and sunny days are gone. Maybe not forever but for, at least, five long and dull months. So here I am back again, this time with something which in my opinion would brighten this dark season.

Few months ago I was recommending the book  by Giuseppe Fichera about history of one of the most recognisable european producers and the oldest Italian pen manufacturer Montegrappa.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black

Maybe it was very warm climate (as for Europe), maybe the impact of olive trees, nevertheless in 1912 the Montegrappa pen history has started in Bassano del Grappa in Italy. Over a hundread years have passed and factory is still located in this beautiful and human friendly location.

If you are interested in, please let me know and I can write more about very inspiring history of Montegrappa in another post. But today I will try to find out if the magic of that place and people has been partially transferred to their products and if it could help us to survive winter time.

Dear Friends, here it is:

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black Fountain Pen

Few words about Parola line. Parola means word in Italian (Italian speakers please correct me if I am wrong) and for me it is a perfect name for a writing instrument. Well done, the marketing guys (or whoever found this name) if I ever  have a chance I will compliment you in person.

In Parola collection you can find fountain pens, rollers, ballpoints, mechanical pencils in different colors red, white, yellow, navy blue, mauve, black. Such a  variety we can count for as a plus. You can find what suits you best.

But coming back to Stealth Black version.

First impression.

Package is BIG. Looks serious.

Montegrappa Parola box

Do you remember the box which was delivered with Parola at its launch? Producer has changed resently the packaging and from now you will get your Parola in much bigger one.

First carton sleeve. Then card box.

Montegrappa Parola box
Montegrappa Parola box

And finally the box. Beautiful box with lovely pattern and metal plate with Montegrappa Italia engraved on it.

Montegrappa Parola box
Montegrappa metal plate

Inside you can find a pleasant in touch material, booklet in Italian and English about history, maintenance, quarantee and two cartridges.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black
Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black

Did I mention pen? No, oops. there is the pen with attached converter.

It is a big pen. Closed is bigger than Visconti Opera Black Guilloche, Pelikan Souveran M800 or Waterman Exception.

Generally I love Italian design and this pen is no exception.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black

The body is narrowing towards both ends and the cap is kept also that style. Nice black glossy finish over the whole fountain pen with ruthenium trims.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black

Four rings. One ring on the captop  with engraved Montegrappa name. One at the bottom of the cap and another at the bottom of the barrel and the last one at the end of the section.

Also at the bottom of the barrel you can find a nice Montegrappa logo.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black

Clip is like a ‘cherry on the top’, very attractive  with a rotating wheel. Nice touch and useful item when you are securing your pen with clip.

Unscrewing the cap, you unlock further details. Big metal threads and the black slender nib.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black
Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black

The steel nib is black as the whole pen. You can choose between F, M and B size. With Montegrappa name and nib size engraved on the surface. What is also unique there is no breather hole.

You can write easily unposted, this is what I prefer, but if you wish you can set the cap on the back of the pen and the cap will stay there very firmly.

It writes smoothly with a little music and some feedback. Starts at once, even after couple of days of rest.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black
Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black pen and Graf von Faber Castell ink

What I also like is a screw in converter.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black


Length closed  – 145 mm

Length open – 130 mm

Weight with inked converter – 32,2  g

I have to admit, I like whole pen in black, I don’t know why, but I simply do.

Montegrappa and Kaweco fountain pens

Elegant  and comfortable pen. For sure it is not a “Stealth” rather a “head turner”.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black

Everyday writer? Certainly.

Montegrappa and Hobonichi

At this price range (retail price is 205 USD) you can choose between many pens but none of them will guide you through “the gateway to fantastic world of Montegrappa fountain pens” as Parola Stealth Black. And then you can start your journey through the literature, music, fantasy. You can jump into the ART or into your own memories.

Summer at its best.

See you soon, now I’m going daydreaming.

And now a little surprise for you.

You can find yours at Iguana Sell and I have a very good news for you, you can ask them for a very special price just for you, my dear readers. Shipping is free on all orders on Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black for customers from USA, Canada and the European Union. For other countries there is a flat rate charge of 18 USD.

Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black [en and Graf von Faber Castell ink
Give this pen a try and I am sure that you won’t be dissapointed!


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