MarteModena Citizen pen family – part 1

Hello my Dear Friends,

Today’s post will be a little different than usual ones.

Who knows all our (I mean fountain pens geeks and aficionados) needs and dreams best? Who understands our passion, our commitments? Who can inspire us? Who can introduce to us new directions, new shapes, new designs which suit best our tastes?

Pen Friends of course, but this is only partialy true due to limited number of such people. Limited by places and areas, limited by our nature, our social life. Our choices in past and present.

Someone said that “It’s nice to have a balance.” In some situations it would be right, but not when we are talking about passion. Pens for me are not only limited to everyday writing instruments. They are passion, enthusiasm, desire, emotion. Some of them are pieces of art! It has nothing in common with balance. Balance is crucial for an accountant. But accountacy is a special state of mind, maybe Altered States 😉

That means also limited  by love and hate!

OK, so who has more knowledge, experience and potentials to make something of it?

Producers? Sure, but they are limited by their strategies, portfolios, owners, history, policies, customers, marketing strategies …

Hmm, who else?

Shops, retailers? Yes! If their sale is big enough, if they have enough staff they could play with our needs and ” must haves” due to a vast and diverse base. They could process information gathered from all over the world. From different people, races, genders, age, places…

Enough. Let’s go towards the real facts!

Marte Modena, a big shop which is located in Modena, Italy. They are dealing with pens, watches, jewelry for many, many years and through that time they became one of the most recognisable sellers of luxury products through the internet all over the world.

They are selling products from top brands from different parts of earth. Writing instruments from Montblanc, Caran d’Ache, S.T. Dupont, Omas  to mention only a few.

They have a close cooperation with the important Italian manufacturers: Marlen, Visconti, Delta.

Marte Modena’s knowledge and taste together with production facilities of Marlen both created a new MarteModena line – Citizen. Pens which are dedicated to cities of the world. In the first Citizen set these cities are: New York,

MarteModena Citizen New York photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen Tokyo photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen Bejing photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen Mumbai photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen Moscow photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen Modena photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen Madrid photo by Marte Modena

and my favourite … London.

MarteModena Citizen London photo by Marte Modena

Each Citizen pen has an adequate colours adopted from their own or official state flags.


The basic concept, according to Marte Modena, was the human being as a citizen of the World who’s always connected, updated and trendy.


Marketing guys are ubelievable 🙂 but I have to pay my respect for choosing the “Citizen”, it is a really great name for unique pens at more than affordable price – if I only had the chance I would shake your hands personally!

And I LOVE the whole idea behind – human being as a citizen of the World! Beautiful and different!

Let’s go to the assumptions and technical details:

  • lenght and width designed for comfortable writing with different hand sizes
  • pens are made of a special resin hand turned from solid bars
  • inspection window
  • ink converter
  • hand-carved metal parts
  • Peter Bock AG nib with Marte Modena logo engraved on


“MarteModena CITIZEN: luxury is finally suitable for everyone.” – is it true or false? If you are interested in my opinion on that, please wait for my review of MarteModena Citizen London which is now under heavy testing.

I also hope you will find the answer for quality/price  ratio.

And here is a special gift for you, you can buy now your own Citizen pen using a special discount code: TZ6YT3LX

MarteModena Citiyen fountain pen box


Meanwhile Marte Modena has issued a Special Citizen for Africa set of 7 well known African cities: Bujumbura,

MarteModena Citizen Bujumbura photo by Marte Modena

Il Cairo,

MarteModena Citizen Il Cairo photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen N’Djamena photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen Nairobi photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen Ouagadougou photo by Marte Modena


MarteModena Citizen Pretoria photo by Marte Modena

and Yamoussoukro.

MarteModena Citizen Yamoussoukro photo by Marte Modena

December 2016 is for Marte Modena Special Charity month and 50% of proceeds (from auctions or direct sales) will be donated to AMREF.





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  1. Andrea says:

    Precise, accurate…AMAZING. ❤


    1. notonlypens says:

      Thank you so much 🙂


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