Do I really need another black pen – story about Platinum 3776

Dear Readers,

As probably most of us, I have also many black pens with gold trims, for example pens from my beloved Montblanc Meisterstuck series but also from Sheaffer, Waterman, Tropen to mention only a few.

From left: Waterman, Montblanc, Sheaffer, Tropen, Montblanc, Sheaffer, Waterman

Black and gold pens look serious, classy and such combination creates rather popular color scheme for fountain pens. When we add to this color scheme a  cigar shape, we receive such a standard fountain pen as a Sevres metre.

Do I really need another black pen in my pocket? According to archeologists even one of the oldest and greatest gods of Egypt Thot (he was also associated with the art of writing), said, “one, can never have enough fountain pens”, nevertheless he was absolutely right!

Toth and Platinum 3776 Black

But it does no harm to check it in 21st century practice.

Thanks to Iguana Sell, the international seller of luxury writing instruments, watches and accessories of many exclusive brands such as: Montblanc, S.T. Dupont, Montegrappa, Nakaya, Maurice Lacroix, Eberhard and many more, I had a pleasure to test a Platinum 3776 Century black with gold trim equipped with UEF (ultra extra fine) nib, the narrowest in the range.

Platinum 3776 UEF 14k nib

I use such pen in Chartres Blue color for a few years now. My 3776 is from first, commemorating series of 2000 pieces and has its own number card with 1352/2000. So, I have some experience with 3776 Century line, but in my pen there is a EF nib. Now I have a chance to check in practice how it is to write with needle nib.

Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue and Platinum 3776 Black

Let’s start from the beginning 🙂

Nice packaging.

Cardboard sleeve, box, warranty card, instruction manual, user’s manual, cartridge and of course, the main dish, fountain pen which in factory’s terminology is called PNB-10000-1.

Just for the record, in this series were available: fountain pen, ballpoint, mechanical pencil and multifunctional pen.

This line is in stock for almost 40 years, quite a long history as for a fountain pen. Debut has taken place in 1978 and from then on it is still very popular model.

As an interesting fact, in the team which has designed the 3776 line one of the members was a guy with a nick Mr. Fountain Pen who was the famous expert Mr. Haruo Umeda.

Cigar shape, screwed cap, very flat 14k gold nib, cartridge/converter and Japanese craftmanship, these ingredients made it a writing workhorse.

Perhaps you are curious what does it mean 3776? This is a height of the highest and probably the most beautiful mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji. I have never been there so I can only rely on the photos.

Mount Fuji photo public domain

First impression.

Shape is so classical that you can’t be wrong with it. If you have some experience  with fountain pens, perhaps in this design, shape, rings etc. you will notice some similarities to … but let’s talk about Platinum.

Platinum 3776 Black and Midori Traveler’s Notebook

High quality. Nice, glossy, black resin, gold platted trims and rather not very common, flatty shape of the nib with a heart shaped breather hole.

Platinum 3776 nibs 

But what’s most interesting in this pen? Slip and seal mechanism, something like “cap in the cap” or “double cap” which prevents ink from drying out. And it is working, maybe not as well as in marketing materials but from my experience you can leave the pen for many weeks and it will write without hesitation. I had some issues (not problems) with a dry line after a longer period, but pen was still able to write. If you have many pens in use this feature is very handy.

Filling system is a cartridge/converter one. You have to remember that this is a Platinum cartridge (I love this little metal ball inside) which is different from most common ones. But if you are a cartridge afficionado having thousands of them, there is also  good information, you can buy cartridge adapter which allows you to exchange inks from different brands. 🙂

Platinum 3776 disassembled on Leuchtturm1917 notebook


Length closed  – 141 mm

Length open – 121 mm

Weight with Platinum cartridge – 22,5  g

Platinum 3776 and Hobonichi

The pen is light, well balanced. You can use it capped or uncapped according to your preferences. Very comfortable in everyday usage.

And due to a small amounts of ink applied it dries super fast!

But there is still no direct answer whether I need this pen or not. Maybe some experience with both nibs will guide me to find it?

So what’s define UEF in comparison with EF nib.

Platinum 3776 nibs

UEF nib

  • it is really, really narrow and thin, I think it is ca. 0,1 mm WOW
  • sharp
  • noisy
  • you can feel the paper, plenty of feedback
  • writes without any preassure!
  • ideal for very fast writing, fast dryer and small usage of ink
  • it could be used with poor quality paper
  • a must have if you are making a lot of notes in books, you can pack a lot of information on a small piece of blank place
  • plus 5 points to respect within your pen community
  •  I will not recommed it as a first pen, rather as a pen for a connoisseur or a devoted fan of narrow nibs

EF nib (I think it is ca. 0.2 mm) is much more user friendly in terms of noisiness, feedback and is a little bit smoother than UEF. But you can see the difference in line weight. For non orthodox users it could be not significant but is still visible.

With both nibs you can produce some line variation.

Here you can see writing test on Moleskine, not fountain pen friendly paper.

Visconti Rembrandt Khaki Green and Platinum 3776 Black
Visconti Rembrandt Khaki Green and Platinum 3776 Black

Now time for the answer.

Yes, I need this pen with that nib!

What I also find interesting, is fantastic nib range which you can find in 3776 line and consists of: UEF, EF, SF, F, M, B, BB, Music nib and when you add to it also colors, materials and finishes variations you can really find a pen which will suit the best of your taste and needs.

So, if you like this pen you can find yours here at Iguana Sell


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Geof Dunn says:

    Great review and very timely as I plan to buy my fist 3776 in January. Thank you!


  2. notonlypens says:

    Thank you Geof! I am glad that you like it 🙂 Was it helpful?


  3. Rebekah says:

    Good review! As of a month, I’m the happy owner of two #3776. Both M. One blue and one pink, both M. My third will be either SF or EF … not sure. My blue has CB-0024 🙂


    1. notonlypens says:

      Thank you Rebekah 🙂 you should try EF it’s a very nice writer!


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