Pen which brings memoires – London

Dear Readers,

First days of each new year are good for a fast trip down a memory lane. So maybe very shortly, in only few words, I would like to share with you few thoughts about one of my favourite places.

Probably, most of us have our own top, favourite areas. Within these places, for sure, there are few towns from all over the world. I have also such a list and on that list one of my favourite spots is … London. This is a city which I have visited most often in my life so far and which still amazes me. With its own specific climate, this is the only one, unigue place where you are being constantly attacked by this exotic mixture of past and present, tradition and new trends, specific humor and seriousness, dogs and more dogs… and of course many Jaguars E-type 😉

Jaguar E Type spotted in London

But what is most important, the people. Londoners. I had tremendous luck to met a whole variety of characters living there. I had a pleasure to talk not only with Londoners which were living there from generation to generation but also with immigrants who fled there from different regions. I spent a lot of unforgettable time with serious “men” and fun loving “children”, Masons and punks, aristocrats and immigrants, businesmen and free spirit artists, fashion addict and “no shoes ideologists”, ambassadors, doctors, pilots which have been fighting during Battle of Britain and many more with this specific touch of “positive craziness” or addiction to their hobbies, pets or ideas. I would like to thank all people, whom I met during my stays there, living and ones who passed away, you are still in my memory, for the histories which have been told, for ideas which have been disscussed and for fun and adrenaline which has been experienced. Of course, as for a such enourmously big population, not everything was fantastic, but who cares about some stupid persons or dangerous situations. Shit happens, sometmes and everywhere.


But why I am boring you today with London? Did you read my former article about MarteModena Citizen fountain pen line? If not, you can still find it here.

Below you can find a few photos of Citizen London made by Marte Modena.

From this point I would like to thank Marte Modena for developing this line and especially for designing Citizen London. Marte Modena THANK YOU for such a beautiful pen which, as a bonus,  brings back memories.

OK, at this stage I am not being neutral in this review. I can’t be. It is Londoner.

MarteModena Citizen London fountain pen and Time Manager 

I will improve, I promise. The rest of the review will be objective, critical and constructive … I hope.

Let’s start with real life practice, whether Italian vision and craftmanship has payed the tribute to the great city. Was it a Ferrari LaFerrari or rather monster-pen version of Fiat Multipla instead. The creators should show some rescpect to the history, after all, it was the Romans who founded Londinium (todays London) almost two thousands years ago.

Just to remind you, the pen was designed by Marte Modena and handmade by Marlen with a little help from Bock (nib) and Schmidt (converter). Italy and Germany are hidden under Union Jack colors of Citizen London pen, interesting.

But before starting let’s build the mood.

The parcel was big!

Package from Marte Modena

The packaging is nice but without extravagance or fireworks. Cardboard sleeve with a print of an old map, Citizen name and Marte Modena logo on it. At the back you can find webpage and facebook addresses, practical.

MarteModena Citizen box

Simple, leatherette black box stiched with white thread and filled in with a nice in touch material. There is also a short written info about Citizen line and warranty.

And there was also something special, a surprise, a letter from Marte Modena.

MarteModena Citizen London

Let’s look closer at the pen. It is made of a special resin, hand turned from solid bars. London is made from three different resin colors which respond to colors of the national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. White barrel and section, blue cap nad red blind cap and threads. White and blue resin shines beautifully in the light. Magnificent effect, I can stare at this for hours.

At the bottom of the cap you can find engraved decoration, I think Roman orgin symbols and at the top of the cap there is a Marte Modena logo.

Nice inspection window. This window and very, very, very slightly translucent barrel makes me think about turning this pen into eyedropper. It would look amazing! I have to think about it, I love the idea. It would be like a cherry on the top. It would add a flow of a river Thames to my pen!!! On the other hand, who am I to change factory solutions? They know better the materials, eventual possibilities of sealing etc. What do you think? Should I follow this way?

Oh, I have almost forgotten, between top and bottom of the cap, you will find sword shapped, gold platted clip with Marte Modena name carved on it.

MarteModena Citizen London and Leuchtturm1917

I am a simple guy, I do not know much about marketing issues but  I have to explain some misunderstandings about this line which has been spread around. These pens are definately not a piston fillers. You shouldn’t be fooled by a blind cap or ink view window. These pens have cartridge/converter filling system. You can fill the pen by unscrewing the blind cap or unscrewing the barrel and then use the standard converter. In piston fillers, ink is stored directly in the barrel, the barrel is the ink reservoir, without any elements between and screw driven piston is moving directly in the barrel. This solution allows much more space for ink, even double the amount. Typical examples of piston fillers are: Montblanc 146 Meisterstuck, Pelikan M400 or TWSBI 580. I hope this explanation has clarified raised questions.

Steel nib, made by Peter Bock AG with a Marte Modena logo engraved on. M size.

MarteModena Citizen London nib
MarteModena Citizen London nib

I was thinking about which ink I should put in and I have found a 30ml unused bottle of Diamine Ruby ink. That is it. English ink. Ruby. Nice 🙂

MarteModena Citizen London and Diamine Ruby ink

And than … it cannot be filled by simply putting the pen into bottle because the hole in the bottle is to narrow for the pen section :-D. You have to take out the converter, fill it up in the bottle and mount it back in the pen.

The pen is not small but of light weight.


MarteModena Citizen London fountain pen and Leuchtturm1917

Nicely shaped section sweetens the process of writing.

MarteModena Citizen london and Starbucks coffee mug

Very comfortable writer, prepared for long sessions.It would be noticed when it is used as EDC writer or as a signature pen.

Here you can compare M nib sizes from different producers or even difference between Rembrandt and Opera nibs.

MarteModena Citizen London, Visconti Rembrandt, Visconti Opera and Montegrappa Parola

The pen can be used capped or uncapped.

Lovely, juicy line. No skipping, no hard starting.

Let’s switch music genre.



Length closed  – 139 mm

Length open – 129 mm

Weight partly inked – 23,8  g

The only issue for present moment is a nib range. You can buy pen with only M size nib for now. Good news is that in very near future there will be more options to choose from.

Price for this pen is below 100 EUR, as for a beautiful, handmade pen is it rather low price. If you like juicy lines you should search through Marte Modena webpage to find your color combination. You will not be dissapointed. Also you can feel even better due  to donation to some charity actions in which Marte Modena is taking part.

MarteModena Citizen London fountain pen

I have promised in my previous article about Citizen line that I will find out whether “MarteModena CITIZEN: luxury is finally suitable for everyone.” – is true or false?

Essentials – coffee, fountain pen and notebook

You will not find in this pen any fancy materials or gold nib but you can find handmade craftmanship and this is what you are buying as a luxury in comparison to automated, machinery products in this price range from other players on the market. So quality/price ratio can be judged as not overpriced.

MarteModena Citizen London and notebook ready for a trip
Marianne Faithfull “Give My Love to London” album and MarteModena Citizen London fountain pen

If you like this pen, or any other from the line, there is still a special gift waiting from Marte Modena for you. You can buy now your own Citizen pen using a special discount code from Marte Modena: TZ6YT3LX 

I am packed and ready for another trip to London of course with Citizen London.

Do I need more for a trip to London?

The link to Marte Modena shop you can find here.


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