MarteModena Citizen pen family – part 2

Hello my Dear Friends,

Do you remember my post “MarteModena Citizen pen family – part 1” if not you can find it here.

MarteModena Citizen fountain pens

Marte Modena has a brilliant idea, Marlen has brought this idea into real life and fountain pen users can grab their favourite colors and write and write and write …

Today is 18th of January 2017 and what is so important with this date? Generally nothing, but … I am so happy, that I can announce premiere which will be held on 19th of January of the new MarteModena Citizen fountain pens line. Another seven cities will join the club tomorrow.

So far we had a chance to see (in the first series) cities as follows: New York, Tokyo, Bejing, Mumbai, Moscow, Modena, Madrid and London. Then there was a Special Citizen for Africa set which consist of 7 African cities: Bujumbura, Il Cairo, N’Djamena, Nairobi, Ouagadougou, Pretoria and Yamoussoukro.

Now is time to present new ones, here we go:


MarteModena Citizen Vatican

Sao Paulo

MarteModena Citizen Sao Paulo


MarteModena Citizen Paris

Mexico City

MarteModena Citizen Mexico City


MarteModena Citizen Jerusalem


MarteModena Citizen Havana

and Abu Dhabi

MarteModena Citizen Abu Dhabi

Aren’t they beautiful?

This can be a nice line for not only fountain pen users but also for enthusiasts who want to build their collections with good quality and reasonably priced fountain pens (you can find my review of marteModena Citizen London here.) 22 cities so far is a quite impressive set, especially with such beauties as London, Il Cairo, Modena or Havana.

What I was missing earlier with Citizens, it was the only one nib size – M.

But now there is also another good news, with the launch of new series there will be available broader set of nibs (available also for previous series). Now you can choose from EF, F, M and B.

Technical specification hasn’t changed and is as follows:

  • very comfortable section for writing with different hand sizes
  • pens are made of a special resin hand turned from solid bars
  • inspection window
  • ink converter
  • hand-carved metal parts
  • Peter Bock AG nib with Marte Modena logo engraved on

I hope this is not the end, there are so many interesting cities through the whole world, so many color combinations. I am looking forward to following 7 cities and another and …

All photos made by Marte Modena with my framing in some cases :).




7 Comments Add yours

  1. Geof Dunn says:

    Very informative article about the Citizens from Marte Modena! I’m going to see my first one in a couple of weeks and am really looking forward to it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. notonlypens says:

      Thank you 🙂 Which one?


      1. Geof Dunn says:

        Actually I don’t think it’s a “Citizen “. It’s the Dolcevita Federico Red/Orange that I won from Marte Modena’s #nibjanuary contest.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. notonlypens says:

    Have fun with your new toy, this Dolcevta looks fantastic (orange forever) 😀


  3. Geof Dunn says:

    Thanks, I will.👍🤓🖋✒️


  4. says:

    I got 4 Marte Modena pens and it surprised me to read they have a bock nib. I changed the nib on all four of them because the nibs were never good enough. With my Conid pens (also bock nib) I had never issues, smooth from the first stroke.


  5. notonlypens says:

    Yes, they have Bock nibs. Maybe there was a defective lot.


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