WWW – who why what

Hi All,

Who: I am, why: this blog has arised and finally, what: you can learn here – 3 simple questions and much shorter answers to them.

Just immovable fan of fountain pens  who has started his adventure within this area long, long time ago in the galaxy, not so far away (on a timeline, unfortunatelly closer to Catch 22 or The Wizard of Gore than New Hope).

Sharing such vast experience can help readers, who are “opening the gates of analogue writing”  with their first steps or show some, I hope,  opportunities for advanced fountain pens users. Reviews will be based on long term usage of presented item (mostly mine or sometimes boorrowed from my friends for long periods), not as today habit, day or two playing with marketing examples provided by shops or distributors. Why? Because, what I have noticed in past years, is that some failures are more visible after months of usage, for example material quality failures.

Because having one hobby is a must, having additional is a free choice, but having more is a true pleasure and you have a chance to became truly the Renaissance Man. So, you can read about the analogue world and generally, anything which could attract my attention.

Let’s get started and see you again on the blog 🙂




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