Storck Rebel Seven – Meisterstück

Dear Readers,

I can’t wait, I have to share my first impressions about bicycle which combines best of 26 and 29 inches. Today I had a chance to test ride a brand new still with factory smell 27,5 inch Storck Rebel Seven.

Ok, I have started mountain bike adventure with 26 inch one (as it was the only option at  that time) but when 29-ers hit the market I have moved to Gary Fisher and it was the best solution (for me) for mixed routes – forests, gravel, tarmac and now I have tried this 27-er.

SLS? Really? It is not a Merceds. Not an Audi. It is a Sattel Selle Italia Monolink SLS.

What I can say, is that, this is a piece of art among the bicycles. Absolutely first prize in design.

I was not sure if such beauty could fulfill my riding demands. But, thanks to Holy Geman God of Design and Engeeniring I could say – it is a (let’s leave it for a moment).

I was riding a bicycle with settings made in Idstein (Germany) by Storck specialists, surprisingly it  fitted my figure almost perfectly, maybe except for the angle of the saddle.

Workmaship – excellent, every little detail is made with watchmaker precision.

What I like is stiffness connected with it’s accelaration, manouverability and comfort. Even these original grips, which could not satisfy everyone but are very original and after short time of usage they could be really user friendly.

About XT equipment – good working horse with a nice design as a bonus.

What I love with damper is possibility of steering from the handlebar-mounted remote, which is not a weighted gadget but a very useful option when you are using your bike in different conditions.

Great bike,  I could call it The Meisterstück if it would be equipped with XTR (but unfortunatelly it is a 1000 EUR more on price) and maybe 29 inch wheels (Storck Rebel Nine).

In this configuration (wheels, gears) I was strongly tempted to ride throughout forests 🙂

Beautiful and fast bicycle with a lot of fun, but expensive.

Storck, yes!

Many thanks to the owner for possibility of testing. Bicycle survived and was returned undamaged. Please check this blog regularly if you want to know more about this bike, because more infos and photos are to come. See you.

Storck rebel Seven Gary Fisher
Brand new German 27,5 vs heavily used American 29

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